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Brought to you by Bit-Farms.

Dedicated to revolutionizing the food system through a network of decentralized smart-farms, 

Bit-Farms is bringing together the best in technology and the best in sustainable farming. We offer our clients a cost effective way to easily source fresh and sustainable ingredients. 

Our custom farms leverage your space to grow your food. They're built with your goals in mind. Cutting packaging and distribution allows us to offer a cost-competitive subscription alternative to wholesale greens. Read more to learn how we are cultivating community around sustainable smart-farming. 

Why Bit-Farms?

Dollar Bill in Jar

Zero Upfront Investment

Without upfront costs, we custom-design a farm unit tailored precisely to your needs, right at your site. You'll pay a monthly fee comparable to your current supplier's pricing for produce, but with us, your greens live and grow at your location, ensuring the utmost freshness and quality without waste.


Effortless Growing

With Bit-Farms, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience, as we take care of everything. Our full-service operation ensures that greens are ready when you need them, with the option for both scheduled weekly harvests and on-demand secure harvests. To get started, all you need is power, internet, and access to water.

Business Lunch

Beyond Fresh Produce

We create an enhanced dining experience with warm lighting, a lively atmosphere, the aroma of fresh herbs, and a contemporary design. Our commitment to working together improves our food system, focusing on local, sustainable practices, fostering community, and adding a touch of fun to the overall experience.


I love the farm-to-table aspect as well as the sustainability, freshness, and eye appeal it brings to our dining facilities here at Hope College."

Ben Mokma, Executive Chef Hope College

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